"Hot Africa", a Restaurant's Review!
Tonight, I went to an African restaurant with my friend to have dinner, I'd like to review the place here.

Service : 2/5, absence of service, waitress didn't smile or speak French or English.
Waiting Time : 10-15 minutes, which wasn't too long, so a 4/5 as a final rating.
Food and Drinks : excellent, I had braised chicken served with plaintins and rice, everything was delicious, rating 5/5. My friend had grilled lamb with plaintins and rice.
Price : for the portion of food served, 5/5.
Decor and Ambiance : Shabby, bathroom didn't have a door, so a 2/5. There's clearly been a lack of investment in it's decor. I expected a typical and authentic African decor, but there wasn't anything traditionally African in the place.

The only con I found with it was the lack of service and the fact that the waiting staff didn't speak neither French nor English at all. So it was difficult for to make them understand us. How can anyone do business in another country if they don't speak the country's language is beyond me. You gotta at least be fluent in of your resident country's official language. We ordered in French, but her French was so so as well, so we had to only the numbers of the dishes we wanted to the African lady who served us.

P.S : Go for it's food and drinks, not for its service nor its atmosphere.

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