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[TechRadar] SpaceX goes for its second ocean landing Friday
SpaceX goes for its second ocean landing Friday

<img src="" alt="SpaceX goes for its second ocean landing Friday"/><p><strong>Update:</strong> SpaceX decided to postpone the launch until no earlier than Friday out of &quot;an abundance of caution.&quot;</p><p>The team will undertake more data review, though SpaceX said in a tweet that the Falcon 9 rocket and spacecraft are &quot;healthy.&quot; </p><p>CEO Elon Musk chimed in with more details of what led to the postponed launch: &quot;There was a tiny glitch in the motion of an upper stage engine actuator. Probably not a flight risk, but still worth investigating.&quot;</p><p>We'll report on any further developments as well as the launch and ocean landing attempt when they take place. Stay tuned.</p><p><strong>Original article below...</strong></p><p>It's that time again! SpaceX's Falcon 9 is prepping for another takeoff in just a few hours, and its all streaming live for the enjoyment of us amateur aeronautic enthusiasts.</p><p>Airing for two hours on <a href=";">YouTube</a> at 5:40pm ET/9:40pm UTC, the launch will be webcast live from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station - with tomorrow, May 27 designated as a backup date in case of inclement conditions. Fingers crossed!</p><mediainsert caption="null" mediatype="YouTube" height="315" src=";" width="420">YouTube :><p>Falcon 9's mission is two-fold: deploy a commercial communications satellite for Asian satellite operator <a href="">Thaicom</a> into orbit, and then the tricky part: stick the landing.</p><p>Like other recent SpaceX launches, the Falcon 9 will be attempting a landing at sea upon a drone ship - something the space program has only recently been able to pull off accurately.</p><p>Should the Falcon 9 be able to consistently return in one piece after launch, reusable rocket systems will become a huge step for both Elon Musk's company and reducing the cost barrier of space travel.</p><p>We've covered SpaceX's exploits several times in the past, both <a href="">triumphant</a> and <a href="">not-so-successful</a>, but we can't help being excited each time Falcon 9 steps up to the plate. It's <em>space travel</em>, people!</p><ul><li>SpaceX's goal for 2018? <a href="">Mars, of course</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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