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[TechRadar] Google knows your spelling mistakes, and you should be embarrassed
Google knows your spelling mistakes, and you should be embarrassed

<img src="" alt="Google knows your spelling mistakes, and you should be embarrassed"/><p>In celebration of the <a href="">89th Annual Scripps National Spelling Bee</a>, Google thought it would be fun to point out how much of the United States wouldn't last in even a preliminary round of the spelling contest.</p><p>Creating <a href="">a map</a> from Google Trends data, each state was marked with the word it most commonly searches for after the phrase, &quot;how do I spell.&quot; The results were head-slappingly simple, with gimmes like &quot;vacuum&quot; and &quot;February&quot; being the bane of certain states.</p><p>Some words were common among multiple states, such as &quot;desert&quot; - the arid location seemingly confused with the post-dinner treat across Idaho, California, Indiana, and Connecticut.</p><p>Other terms were a unique hassle for a state, such as Hawaii having spelling trouble with &quot;boutineer&quot; - that flower thing awkwardly pinned onto lapels at prom. Other examples include Mississippi's trouble with &quot;sergeant,&quot; and Alaska's with &quot;Hawaii.&quot; Go figure. </p><p>Some words we can sympathize needing to turn to Google for, such as clarifying &quot;gray&quot; and &quot;canceled&quot; from their UK counterparts, &quot;grey&quot; and &quot;cancelled.&quot; </p><p>However, seeing Ohio struggle with &quot;banana,&quot; or Massachusetts needing to look up its own name, are a little more on the embarrassing side.</p><p>Meanwhile, we're certain each term on Google's map is a breeze for the competitors at this year's National Spelling Bee, who apparently have the cool to <a href="">throw in some dabs</a> after successfully spelling tough entries like &quot;bacteriolytic&quot; and &quot;mischsprache.&quot;</p><ul><li>We won't ask you to spell '<a href="">Google Car</a>'</li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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