You Want to Own a Sports Car? Think Again!
People always dream of having a sports car, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani or a Bugatti.  But let’s put everything on the table and decide whether buying one is worth it. Although it might seem appealing to replace your current car with a sporty new model, there are a few reasons why it might not be as enjoyable as you think to own a high-performance car.

They are closer to the ground than some reptiles

Whether you like it or not, the aerodynamics of these super powerful cars are supposed to keep them glued to the road. This means that even the smallest bumps can cause damage to the car for thousands of dollars. Expect attention at gas stations, in parking lots and even when you’re just sitting at a traffic light.

They have too much power

What are you going to do with more than 600 horsepower? Who knows, because 99.99% of the road conditions around you won’t let you use them all. If you try to use the full power of the car, you will probably end up in a hospital, or worse.

Expensive Parts

Supercars usually use unique engines and designs, which means they can’t share parts with other models as easily. Insurance is more expensive, too, due to a higher chance of being involved in an accident when you own a more powerful car. And your fuel costs will likely go up when you buy a performance car because of its larger engine and extra power.

They are extremely uncomfortable

If you can’t tolerate the idea of feeling every bump in the road, you should probably stay away from sports cars.

Sports cars are a horrible investment for most people. They look neat, I suppose, but there are other cars that look neat without costing so much. :3

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