A fairly "cool" free forum software. Aswell as a forum software, they host their forums which is pretty cool, but not so cool for other people. Have you used Zetaboards? What's it like? Elaborate!

I've never actually ran a community on Zetaboards but I did creae a testing board with Zeta Boards and it evidently and clearly lacked features, etc more popular forum softwares would have.

I have never used that software and i don't believe i will ever use it.

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I hardly join forum that are based on zetaboard. Few years back I never heard about them. A friend told me about it on forum I used to own in the past.

I could remember my days working for zetaboards as and database Administrator, during that I decided to quit zetaboards is not safe to many forums are being hacked zetaboards lack professonlisim, safety and hard working admins.

Used Zetaboards before, I really don't mind them. Its a nice free host! And you can custom make themes!

Not a fan myself.
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i have used zetaboards for over 8 years now. its simplistic. the ACP is very easy to understand. iam a member of many ZB forums

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