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[b]Site Name:[/b] Forum Sensation
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[b]Site Type:[/b] Forum
[b]Category:[/b] General/Misc

We are a new and bright community opened on June 11th, 2015. We are here to provide you with a friendly, relaxing community to socialize and discuss any interesting topic you like.

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We've been on a roll since we opened. We've achieved 150+ posts, we've been tweaking our theme. We've introduced FS Coins, Awards and a lot more.

Don't miss out. Join the sensation, today!

We are only slightly over 2 weeks old yet we have a lot of action which has evolved. Here's a brief explanation of what's been happening at Forum Sensation over our last 2 weeks. 

We've got a new look, new features and we've introduced a new team.
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And join the sensation today!

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