What's your favorite mobile operating system?
My favorite mobile operating system is iOS at the moment. Even though iOS operating systems may seem quite expensive, they are definitely worth the price. They are protected against virus and there is also a variety of applications you can download on the App store.

I love android, we can do a lot of tweak, modifications and lot more. They are also very cheap .
Better Than Before :D 

My favorite mobile operating system is Android. I've used Windows before too and Android stands out. I can't really compare and contrast with iOS, because I've never actually used an Apple product.

Mines would be Android, I absolutely love the operating system, so much customization / modification options too! I have used windows and did not like it, no good apps, wasn't very customizable, just not good at all.
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I dislike iOS due to the limitations it brings to the users. But I find Android and Windows (Mobile) to be the most favorable mobile operating systems I have used.

I hate Android. If I had to choose, I'd rather get a Windows Phone than an Android. But my mobile operating system of choice is iOS. It's the best out of the three, in my opinion.

I prefer the Android.  Of course, I currently have a Samsung Galaxy 8+ and the last few smart phones I've had previous to this one have been Samsung.  So, I've been using Android for a while.  I prefer that to the iOS on the Apple phones.  My hubby has been using the iPhone's from Apple for a while and I've never really liked the iPhone's.

Has to be Android. All my phones have been Android phones. Just the best mobile OS

Android all the way

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