What antivirus software do you use?
I currently use Norton to protect me from viruses. The program has been very efficient and has kept my computer safe.

woot i also use norton. dont use free version of anti virus programs. because they do not keep you safe 100%. mine is a paid version and so far its working like a charm.

i currently does not use any antivirus software, i am very careful about this
Better Than Before :D 

Used to be Nod32. Now I mix up from AVG to Avira etc. Not a favorite right now

I haven't manually installed any anti virus software on my computer. I just happen to have AVG Protection installed..

I use malwarebytes premium :)
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None, because I've got a Macbook Pro.

I don't have one on my Linux partitions but I just stick with Windows Defender on the Windows side.

Using none, since I have a Macbook.

I have a Macbook Pro so I don't really need any antivirus programs since I don't really do anything to threaten my computer with viruses.   For my Samsung computer that runs on Windows it's vulnerable to things like that regardless so I currently use ESET.  I much prefer Webroot though.

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