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UK's EU Referendum's Results
So the UK voted to separate from the EU, what do you think of it? I think it will have some serious repercussions on the world. Already, the Scots have threatened to separate from the UK because it voted yes to the referendum.
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Whilst I don't want to start an all-out debate about this, I personally am not happy with the result. I feel that this could be damaging for the economy and will have bad repurcussions for us.

Firstly, the French government are demanding a new border policy to allow us to conduct checks at the likes of Calais - something the vote leave were not wanting as they wanted strict border control (we have temporarily lost this).

Secondly, the Scottish are NOT threatening independence. Them leader of the Scottish party is stating that it's POSSIBLE another vote migh be coming in the future, though I believe our resident Scot @'sir twisted' doesn't want to leave himself.

Third, the Sterling has currently (against the dollar) hit its lowest value since 1985. The markets have crashed by billions, and companies and countries are not happy with this, rebuilding said relationships could take years.

Furthermore, we have started a chain reaction, with other countries wanting to follow suit. With trade agreements handled through the EU, this could be difficult to negotiate individual agreements with such a range of countries.

What with the constant lies and lack of HONEST FACTS, I personally feel the UK should be given a new vote, where the genuine facts are provided to the country, and NOT bigoted lies. Already, some who voted to leave are feeling that they regret this, and given a second chance would vote to remain.
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