malicious apps
have you ever downloaded a seemingly innocent looking app for your phone only to discover it has locked you out of phone and deleted all your files? that is what happened to me 2 years ago. i downloaded a wifi boosting app but it hijacked my phone..i ended up having it be resetted..luckily all my important files were saved on external servers.

note: be very cautious if an app wants to "use accts, remove accts"

Never downloaded such an app, I only download popular reliable apps so yeah. Something similar though, someone told me to go on this website so I did and then a page came up saying you can't leave. When I pressed "close page" or the switch off button or "home", it said "are you scared already?" and I had to go to a mobile shop to get the phone unlocked.

downloading apps is like a mystery game. you dont know what might happen until you get it on your phone, pc or tablet. after what happened, iam always cautious..but one must not live in a paranoid state lol

Surprisingly and thankfully this has never happened to me.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

I have never had this happen to me, thankfully. I suggest you read this and develop some secure habits:

No I have never downloaded a malicious app. If you want to avoid downloading malicious applications, you should download them from a trusted store front official or not.
I would also suggest you install an anti-virus app from the official store fronts to protect yourself.

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