Google’s New “My Activity” Page
Over the past several years, there have been various debates about the amount of information Google collects about the users who browse online. There have been many speculations which have been made, and users tend to assume Google knows a lot about them – and that is true too.


Google has now launched My Activity, a portal which reveals everything the company knows about you. Every search you’ve made, the apps you’ve used, the videos you’ve watched, and everything in between. With My Activity, you’re finally privy to the information advertisers use to sell you products they believe you’ll love based on your demographic and interests.

[Image: 1912.jpg]

In addition to viewing your history with Google, you can clear selective portions of it, or all of it as well. You will be asked over the coming weeks to opt-in (not required) to the new Web & App Activity as part of your Google account activity controls to use My Activity, though you’ll be prompted to do so now if you visit the site.

Kinda scary to think of how much Google knows about you...
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(07-02-2016, 08:13 PM)katos Wrote: Kinda scary to think of how much Google knows about you...

I've used it yesterday, and it can retrace back every search you've made on Google daily. And it even knows where you are currently, although when it's off, it's only you who can view it, others can't, but if you enable it, everybody can see your location.

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