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[TechRadar] Super camera? This iPhone 7 leak gives us our clearest look yet
Super camera? This iPhone 7 leak gives us our clearest look yet

<img src="" alt="Super camera? This iPhone 7 leak gives us our clearest look yet"/><p>Apple needs to announce a much better <a href="">iPhone 7</a> camera in two months in order to keep up with its rivals, and more and more it looks like it'll do just that.</p><p>There's a new iPhone 7 spy shot on <a href="">9to5Mac</a> today, and while the leaked photo can't be confirmed, it does shows a larger rear-facing camera. It could give your 12MP iSight photos a major boost.</p><p>That's good news for everyone who has been struggling to match their friends' more vibrate and low light toppling <a href="">Samsung Galaxy S7</a> and <a href="">Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge</a> pictures.</p><p>The <a href="">iPhone 7 Plus</a> camera module is rumored to be undergoing even more changes. Most of the reports I have seen indicate it'll use a dual camera system just like the <a href="">LG G5</a>.</p><h3>More design changes</h3><p><img src="" alt="iPhone 7 news" width="250" class="lft"></img></p><p>Studying the the photo a bit more, it's obvious that the alleged iPhone 7 camera has shifted a few fractions of an inch toward the corner. It's hugging the left side more than the <a href="">iPhone 6S</a> does now.</p><p>A little disturbing is that the leaked image, while grainy, shows a camera bulge that no one wants. Rumors earlier this year said that it's going away entirely, but like Samsung's phones, it looks reduced in size.</p><p>Overall, the new iPhone 7 does sport a cleaner design, with the white antenna lines moved almost out of sight, along the top and bottom of the phone frame, not straight through the back side.</p><p>My last observation is the bottom speaker: there's just one. Previous leaks and blueprints have shown two. Does that upend the validity of this spy shot, or are two speakers destined to be iPhone 7 Plus exclusive?</p><p>There are a little over two months left in the iPhone 6S and <a href="">iPhone 6S Plus</a> cycle, meaning, in between now and mid-September, I expect to see more iPhone 7 rumors. That I can guarantee.</p><ul><li><strong>Can't wait?</strong> Our <a href="">best phones</a> list was just updated</li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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