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[TechRadar] BlackBerry finally accepts no one wants the Classic
BlackBerry finally accepts no one wants the Classic

<img src="" alt="BlackBerry finally accepts no one wants the Classic"/><p>BlackBerry is discontinuing the <a href="">BlackBerry Classic</a> - shedding the ancient &quot;full keyboard and square screen&quot; design to make room for fresher blood.</p><p>&quot;To keep innovating and advancing our portfolio, we are updating our smartphone lineup with state-of-the-art devices,&quot; <a href=";utm_medium=twitter">writes</a> Ralph Pini, Chief Operating Officer and GM for Devices at BlackBerry. &quot;The Classic has long surpassed the average lifespan for a smartphone in today's market.&quot;</p><p>Known for its emphasis on security and a full physical keyboard for emailing on-the-go, the BlackBerry Classic was a popular go-to in the business and government sector.</p><p>However, as market share for the native BlackBerry OS <a href="">dwindled to a measly 0.5%</a> in favor of platforms like iOS and Android, the company found itself in dire need of shaking things up in order to remain in the phonemaking business.</p><h3>Bet it all on Black(berry)</h3><p>BlackBerry's shift away from its older designs opens up the possibility of working more with the more widely-accepted and popular Android platform.</p><p>BlackBerry's last stab at developing Android phones - the <a href="">BlackBerry Priv</a> - came out to mostly positive reviews but ultimately fell short in sales, mainly attributed to the Priv's unattractive launch price at $699, (about £559/AU$975).</p><p>In response, BlackBerry is reportedly making a last-ditch attempt on Google's OS - planning <a href="">three new Android-powered handsets</a> codenamed Argon, Neon, and Mercury that will feature more competitive prices and improved functionality.</p><p>Ditching the Classic is already a point of no return for BlackBerry, as the US government instantly released a memo <a href="">dropping support</a> for the phone in response to BlackBerry's decision - cutting out the major market for the simple, security-minded handset.</p><p>Will newer, hipper phones save BlackBerry? The future remains unclear, as smartphone sales this year <a href="">will decide</a> whether or not the company will ditch making devices altogether and instead focus on software and services.</p><ul><li>Everything you need to know about <a href="">Android Nougat</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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