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[TechRadar] Keep calm and type on: BlackBerry isn't killing the keyboard
Keep calm and type on: BlackBerry isn't killing the keyboard

<img src="" alt="Keep calm and type on: BlackBerry isn't killing the keyboard"/><p>Fresh from announcing <a href="">the end of its Classic line of phones</a> earlier this week, BlackBerry has assured those accustomed to tactile feedback that its trademark full physical keyboard <a href="">will live on</a>.</p><p>&quot;In response to some recent press reports, I want to be clear that BlackBerry users have nothing to fear - the keyboard is here to stay&quot; <a href="">tweeted</a> Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President for BlackBerry Global Device Sales.</p><p>Discontinuing the <a href="">BlackBerry Classic</a> in order &quot;to keep innovating and advancing [its] portfolio,&quot; murmurs arose of the company ditching physical keyboards altogether to produce more conventionally-designed smartphones.</p><p>While the big rumor remains that BlackBerry is making <a href="">three new Android-powered devices this year</a>, one of the supposed designs still includes an old-school keyboard, supporting Thurber's comments.</p><p>Additionally, currently-available devices like the <a href="">BlackBerry Passport</a> and the <a href="">Priv</a> also sport a keyboard, ensuring BlackBerry fans won't be left stranded following the retirement of the Classic.</p><ul><li><a href="">Will Apple take the keyboard out of its Macbooks?</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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