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[TechRadar] Nextbit Robin in red? It could be coming soon
Nextbit Robin in red? It could be coming soon

<img src="" alt="Nextbit Robin in red? It could be coming soon"/><p><a href="">Nexbit Robin</a>, the phone that “makes running out of space history” by storing unused apps in the cloud, is currently available in black and mint variations, but a new red version was teased in a recent livestream by the company.</p><p>Curiously, the focus of the stream wasn’t centered around the red splashed phone, but about an upcoming feature that expands the cloud functionality to photos. Soon, users will be able to offload photos and manage them via web browser. </p><p>Cool, but not nearly as cool as the red Robin that was sitting idly on the table the whole time.</p><p><img src="" alt="Nextbit Robin" width="420" title="We see you, red Robin." /></p><p>Periscope and Facebook Live viewers were taken surprise by the red device, so of course, it ignited a debate online about whether it’s something that’s on the way or if it’s an experiment staying in the lab. </p><p>Shortly after the livestream, Nextbit <a href="">tweeted</a> a picture that shows a glop of red paint on a Robin. If this isn’t a complete giveaway, we don’t know what is.</p><p>Either way, we reached out to a Nextbit spokesperson for the official word, who stated on the record to TechRadar that “We are not announcing any new colors at this time. Robin is currently available in Mint and Midnight. Should we have a new color to announce, we’ll be sure to reach out.”</p><p><em>James Peckham provided additional reporting.</em></p><ul><li>Here's everything you need to know about <a href="">Android Nougat</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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