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[TechRadar] Could this dual-lens camera be GoPro's first entry-level VR rig?
Could this dual-lens camera be GoPro's first entry-level VR rig?

<img src="" alt="Could this dual-lens camera be GoPro's first entry-level VR rig?"/><p>GoPro is no stranger to 360-degree video. Between its <a href="">Omni six-camera setup</a> and its own tech powering Google's <a href="">ridiculous 16-lens Jump rig</a>, GoPro likes to stay near the cutting edge of VR video.</p><p>However, the company may be looking to cut out the need for <a href="">an arsenal of cameras</a> to make 360-degree magic, using what appears to be a single two-lens system debuted while filming this year's MotoGP, as spotted by <a href="">Engadget</a>.</p><p>The device, built into the bike of pro racer Dakota Mamola, is described as the first-ever VR GoPro setup - creating an immersive video feed with just two 180-degree lenses, each hooked up to a HEROCast wireless transmitter.</p><mediainsert caption="null" mediatype="YouTube" height="315" src=";" width="420">YouTube :><p>It's <a href="">no secret</a> that GoPro has been vying for a VR product meant for the masses; the $5,000 (about £3,784/AU$6,583) pricetag for the Omni isn't exactly appropriate for the average consumer, after all.</p><p>That said, this isn't a confirmation of an entry-priced 360-degree GoPro. No formal announcement has been made yet - not to mention that the rig shown on the motorcycle appears somewhat on the experimental side.</p><p>Considering the company's struggling financial quarter last year - and <a href="">the delay</a> of its camera-equipped drone, <a href="">Karma</a> - GoPro could stand to shake things up and soon, but we'll just have to be patient before any concrete details of an entry-level VR device emerge.</p><ul><li><a href="">GoPro cam footage survived for a year on the ocean floor</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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