Firefox vs Safari
recently been experiencing glitch in form of a script error in FF. on all forums. ive emailed the devs and am waiting for a response. for now iam using safari for windows. its ok..except the familiar open tab browsing that i love in FF isnt displayed properly in safari..iam preparing to 86 FF and stick with safari. because as it stands, i cant rely on IE -terrible..horrible browser. ive already tried other popular ones like chrome and opera...again, they didnt grab my attention. i look for fast, efficient browsing.

What type of glitch, have you been facing?

I would go with Safari as it's exclusive for Apple only and it's not really like Fire Fox in general. I don't like the interface of Fire Fox.

its an script error. the url points to tinypass website. iam in process of dumping FF. copying, exporting all my bookmarks -a total of 250 lolz

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