[TechRadar] A Samsung Galaxy S7 highlight may be back for the Note 7
A Samsung Galaxy S7 highlight may be back for the Note 7

A Samsung Galaxy S7 highlight may be back for the Note 7

We're expecting to get our first official look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in just a couple of weeks and from everything we've seen so far it's shaping up to be a bigger, better version of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

But one Galaxy S7 feature we hadn't yet caught a glimpse of was the always-on display. This was one of the main new features of the Galaxy S7, so it seemed likely that the Note 7 would have it too and indeed it seems it does, as now, finally, an image showing the always-on display in action has been leaked.

The shot was obtained by TechTastic and shows a partially lit up screen displaying the time, date, battery level and additional icons below it. The layout is similar but not identical to some of the possible layouts for the always-on screen on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and as usual this could easily have been faked, but it would be no great surprise to see the feature on the Note 7.

Note 7 always-on screen

Good but not great

The always-on screen on the Galaxy S7 was a useful but limited addition, which could be made better by draining less power or adding more functions and information, such as calendar entries. Hopefully this is something Samsung has addressed with the Galaxy Note 7.

Other than the always-on screen this shot of the Note 7 lines up with previous ones, complete with a curved screen and an iris scanner above the display.

Aside from these features we're also expecting a long-lasting battery and a lot of power, with possibly a Snapdragon 823 chip and up to 6GB of RAM at its heart, all of which will probably lead to a high price, so with an August 2 announcement planned you might want to get saving.


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