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[TechRadar] The latest iPhone 7 leaks include a brief video and a launch date
The latest iPhone 7 leaks include a brief video and a launch date

<img src="" alt="The latest iPhone 7 leaks include a brief video and a launch date"/><p>With less than two months to go before Apple is expected to debut the <a href="">iPhone 7</a> range , the number of leaked videos, photos, specs and other titbits continues to escalate - we're pretty much in prime iPhone rumour season right now.</p><p>Today we've got <a href="">a suggestion</a> that the new Apple handsets will launch the week of 12 September, from none other than Evan Blass (<a href="">@evleaks</a>), one of the most well-known and well-respected tipsters in the game.</p><p>No real surprises that the phones are coming in September - the last <a href="">two pairs of iPhones</a> were unveiled on 9 September in both 2015 and 2014 - but it's the most precise hint we've had so far. You might want to book the week off work.</p><h3>Leak iPhone</h3><mediainsert caption="null" mediatype="YouTube" height="315" src="" width="420">YouTube :><p>That's not all - there's another (short) clip to add to the growing list of leaked videos we've seen in recent months. This one shows what looks like three <a href="">iPhone 7 Plus</a> (or <a href="">iPhone 7 Pro</a>?) handsets with a regular iPhone 7 on top of them.</p><p>We don't get a particularly good look at the phones, and don't see the bottom of the devices at all, but that larger, dual camera lens <a href="">is again in evidence</a> - supposedly one of the key differences between the two categories of iPhone this year.</p><p>The rose gold, grey and silver colour options are present and correct, but as always take this new footage with a grain of salt - the fact that it's short and limited in scope suggests these could well be dummy handsets built from leaked case specifications, rather than actual working handsets.</p><ul><li>Never mind the iPhone 7 - <a href="">what about the Samsung Galaxy S8?</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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