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My Review of : "Resurgence, Independence Day!
Yesterday I went to see with one of my friends : “Resurgence, Independence Day.” I’ll review it for you in a 7 parts  : Genre, Plot, Characters who stroke me, Actors’ play and interaction, Dialogue, Special effects and Overall thoughts about it.

Genre : Sci-fi

Plot : This is the second move of that series that I watched, so I don’t quite know the first one’s plot, but you don’t gotta watch the first one to understand the 2nd one. It’s been 20 years since the last war with the Aliens, and we’ve fused our technology with some of theirs. However, there’s one insect-like Alien species who wants to invade Earth. Then, a squad of international pilots gotta save the planet from their invasion.
I quite enjoyed the plot. It was a simple one, a recycled one, although still entertaining.

Characters who stroke me Review : I quite liked one crazy old man who saved the world by piloting to the center of their mother-ship to their queen. I also enjoyed a Western young man who’s in love with a Chinese pilot. I quite liked Madam the President of the States as well. These are the major ones that I can remember. the others, I forgot them.

Actors’ play and interaction review : I quite liked the actors’ play. Very well chosen ones for this movie. I quite liked the Chinese actress’s play as well as the main couple’s.

Dialogue : It was quite well-developed and intellectual, sarcastic, but not too much, just enough. And quite humorous, I liked the mix of languages in the dialogue. When I heard the Chinese actress speak in my mother tongue in a Western, I was so proud of her.
Special Effects’ Review : Quite well done. Lots of laser guns’ special effects. And of course, the spaceships were all digital.

Overall Thoughts about it : I quite enjoyed it, liking it’s entertaining and humorous dialogue, enjoying it’s positive message plus the international squad’s team spirit. A 8/10 rating for me.
First of all, did you watch it? If you did, tell me what you think of it.

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