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[TechRadar] Apple Watch 2's thinner screen hopefully means longer battery life
Apple Watch 2's thinner screen hopefully means longer battery life

<img src="" alt="Apple Watch 2's thinner screen hopefully means longer battery life"/><p>The second-generation <a href="">Apple Watch</a> might be getting thinner, according to a new report from <a href=";q=APPLE">Digitimes</a>. Apple display supplier, TPK Holdings, revealed that the company is transitioning from a glass-on-glass panel to a &quot;One Glass Solution&quot; (OGS) in the upcoming Apple Watch refresh. </p><p>Traditional touch screens have used glass-on-glass technology, which sandwiches components between two sheets of glass. </p><p>By moving to an OGS display, the Apple Watch 2 could get thinner, or remain the same thickness but have more space for a larger battery. This news corroborates previous rumors that said the <a href="">Apple Watch 2 could be 40% thinner</a>. </p><h3>A real turn off</h3><p>The Apple Watch, and most other smartwatches in general, have suffered from <a href="">poor battery life</a>. Smartwatch makers have resorted in turning off displays when not in use to save battery, making it a chore to glance at information quickly. </p><p>Better battery life combined with an OLED display could mean the Apple Watch can finally display the time without awkwardly lifting your arm. </p><p>The Apple Watch 2 is rumored to include a GPS chip to help runners track their activity without the need to carry their iPhones with them. Physically, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to look exactly like the first generation, with most of the changes appearing under the hood and in software. </p><p>For a full breakdown of what to expect from the new Apple Watch, check out our constantly-updated <a href="">Apple Watch 2</a> release date, news and rumors page.</p><div><ul><li><a href="">Samsung Gear S3 release date, rumors and features</a></li></ul></div><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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