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[TechRadar] Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit by installation issues and Cortana woes
Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit by installation issues and Cortana woes

<img src="" alt="Windows 10 Anniversary Update hit by installation issues and Cortana woes"/><p>As you can't have failed to notice, the big <a href="">Anniversary Update for Windows 10</a> began rolling out yesterday, but some users have hit problems either installing the upgrade, or with Cortana post-upgrade.</p><p>There have been complaints posted on the Microsoft community message boards noting unhelpful error messages which are popping up when some users are attempting to install the update.</p><p>Folks are getting various codes spewed at them when the installation fails to fire up, and as <a href="">Softpedia</a> reports the most commonly seen ones are 0x80070057 and 0xa0000400. Which obviously tells you nothing about exactly what's gone wrong here.</p><p>This problem apparently affects at least some Windows 10 Home and Pro users, and some of them appear to be stumped by it – although updating via the Media Creation Tool instead (rather than Windows Update) has apparently been a successful workaround for others (using the 'Upgrade this PC now' option).</p><p>So that might be worth a shot.</p><h3>Cortana curtailed</h3><p>Another problem is happening to Windows 10 users who have successfully installed the upgrade, only to find that Cortana has been banished from their system.</p><p>One Microsoft community forum denizen <a href="">posted</a> that: &quot;Cortana worked perfectly before AU [Anniversary Update], but after AU it just disappeared. All Cortana settings are missing.&quot;</p><p>And others replied that they faced the same issue, plus we've seen further complaints elsewhere on the net about <a href="">Cortana</a> being ditched by the update.</p><p> It would seem that these flaws are hitting a limited number of <a href="">Windows 10</a> users, but of course it's frustrating if you happen to be one of the minority. Needless to say, though, given the scale of this update, there was always likely to be a glitch or two in the system.</p><ul><li>Check out how <a href="">Windows 10 will continue to evolve post-Anniversary Update</a></li></ul><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>

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