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[Gaming News] New Hunter For Evolve Stage 2 Announced, Coming Tomorrow
New Hunter For Evolve Stage 2 Announced, Coming Tomorrow

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<p>A new hunter will be coming tomorrow to Evolve Stage 2 &ndash; the recently relaunched, free reboot of the 2015 asymmetric multiplayer game. Quantum Caira is a variant on the medic Caira, bringing a twist on the original's skills.<br /><br />Announced by <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Gamepedia</i></a>, Quantum Caira can stack multiple &quot;proton fields&quot; that deal damage to enemies, as well as heal fellow hunters by releasing her Regeneration Field. As explained by <i>Gamepedia</i>, the key to Quantum Caira is pairing her up with the right team members, making her one of the most powerful medics in the game. For example, when paired with trappers, Caira's regeneration zones are given extra time to build up.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Quantum Caira is the second new character to come to Evolve Stage 2, the trapper&nbsp;<a href="">Electro Griffin</a> was released last month. Evolve recently went completely free on PC with <a href="">numerous gameplay changes</a>.&nbsp;</p>
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