My newest Rings and Bracelets!
[Image: wa38s3.jpg]
These are my latest bracelets and rings. I'd like to review them for you.
Pros : They're very nice, stylish, didn't cost too much. My yellow beaded bracelet was only 5 bucks and I got a dozen rings for 14 something. So they're good quality, they won't change color and I just love their color and stone on them : silver. For jewelry, I prefer to wear silver-colored ones. They're from my favourite women jewelry and accessories store.

Cons : They cost me about 20$ in all. They're cheap metal and they're made in China, of course, my home country. No other cons than that. I love them very much and wear them all the time, even to sleep.

So, let me ask you, what do you think of them?

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