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Hello members of Forum Authority, 

My name is Mangata, but you can call me Nick if you want to. I'm a 17-years old graphic designer. The name Mangata was chosen because it's a Swedish untranslatable word what means 'the reflection of the moon on water.' Beautiful isn't it? 

I have a few hobbies. I enjoy watching. I like writing. I love designing. Let's start with the first one; I enjoy watching movies, tv shows, games, and Anime. I do it almost every day. Yesterday I watched The Purge 3; I watch Kuragehime and tomorrow I continue Sons of Anarchy. And I like playing games on PC and PS4 too. I have a big collection with games like CoD, CS:GO, GMod, FIFA, NBA, Rocket League and much more. My second hobby is writing (and reading), but I hate so many books. I never read a fantasy book or a history book. I only read books about soccer and biographies. But I read the most on the Internet like reviews, interviews, and news. Short, but catchy. That's what I like. I wrote for a big news site in Holland, and got with some articles 50.000 hits, and that was fun. Also wrote for the largest forum of The Netherlands. Wrote game reviews and shit, I had a great time. But my third hobby isn't really a hobby. It's my passion. It's graphic design. If I tell people what I'm doing, I don't say I'm a Graphic Designer. I say 'I am a Visual Storyteller.'. I was on different forums, websites and more with different identities. On one forum my name was Levi, on another one it was Paradis and I used Fantasy, Komorebi and Nick too. Changed all of that to my design identity. Mangata. I started with Mangata in April 2016, but I'm designing since 2011. That were shitty soccer logos made with web-based editors, but design is design haha! Now I'm using Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Wordpress and I want to learn Cinema 4D and InDesign too. 

I'm busy with a personal website (portfolio) right now, I will show it when it's finished.

Thanks for reading this and have a beautiful day!
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Hello, and welcome to FA!
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(08-13-2016, 10:52 AM)Naiwen Wrote: Hello, and welcome to FA!
Thanks buddy.

(08-13-2016, 10:55 AM)Mangata Wrote:
(08-13-2016, 10:52 AM)Naiwen Wrote: Hello, and welcome to FA!
Thanks buddy.

No problem, and if need any help with the forum, please ask any of the staff members and don't forget to read the rules.
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I hope you enjoy the site, great to see another graphic designer around here ;)
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Another great graphics designer I see. Just what I like to see. :)

Welcome to the forum bud!

Thanks guys!

@Mangata! Welcome to Forum Authority! I would say I am quite similar to yourself, my passion is graphic design, however I don't make enough time for it, although I do web design and my strongest passion of the moment is Forum Authority and everything that comes with it. I absolutely love Sons of Anarchy, by far my top favorite show. However I do spend 70% just watching movies and shows etc...anyways, I do hope you enjoy your time on the site. If you do need anything feel free to message myself or another member of staff.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

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