Anime or Manga?
Do you prefer to watch the anime or read the manga? I like both of them.

Depends for me. I enjoy anime more most of the time, but more often than not the manga will go into greater detail about certain aspects of the story, which is nice because anime tends to cut out stuff you wouldn't have known about.

Manga for sure but that's because I've always enjoyed reading ever since I could read.

Anime for when I have free time and manga for commuting(or when the anime season ended and I want to know more).
I keep separate series in each, so I don't watch 2 episodes of anime of series A then continue reading chapters 22-45 and then get back from episodes 6.

Used to watch a lot of anime when I was in my teens, trailed off because of fillers and now I solely read manga.
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Ita different for every series,  I tried reading one peice manga and ending up hating the entire show but I loved the anime before I did that.

Depends. I have to thoroughly  enjoy the story to read.

I prefer anime. It's always better then manga. For example naruto anime and manga

It is obvious that Anime is way much better


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