What do you like to snack on and when do you snack? I'll like crackers, cheese and Asian snacks such as buns, dumplings and etc. Even sometimes a small burger or a some other fast-food. As for the time I snack, it'll depend entirely on how hungry I am.

Biscuits, fruit, cereal.
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Mostly I snack on crisps and pot noodles. For anyone outside of the United Kingdom, pot noodles are a brand of instant noodles inside of a plastic cup that can be really tasty as long as you ignore the interactions on the side of the pot. All while watch YouTube videos.

I suppose I have noodles as well as pot noodles, I also have french toast, cheese on toast and anything else I find appetising.
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Yeah, I do snack every now and then. I like chips, nachos, cheese and crackers, and yogurt.

When I snack, I like to treat myself to some chocolate.  I'm kind of a chocolate fiend.  I also tend to drink a glass of milk while I'm eating some.

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