Google Will Punish HTTP Websites
Google Chrome is going to mark as unsafe “HTTP” pages that transmit passwords or credit cards. Moreover, this is part of a more ambitious plan to mark all “HTTP” web pages as unsafe. The tech giant Google explained that they will make changes to achieve a more secure web. It is an entry that indicates that Google Chrome want to increase the security of each page in the address bar with an icon “HTTPS” and has never labeled web “HTTP” as unsafe, but it looks like this is going to change soon.

[Image: Google-wants-you-to-switch-to-https.jpg]

The rationale is that on every website served over HTTP the data exchanged between the site’s server and the user is in the clear, meaning anyone with the ability to snoop on the connection, could steal passwords, private messages, or other sensitive information.

HTTPS doesn’t just protect user data, it also ensures that the user is really connecting to the right site and not an imposter one. This is important because setting up a fake version of a website is the favorite tactic of hackers. HTTPS also ensures that a malicious third party can’t hijack the connection and insert malware or censor information.

[Image: Unsafe-webpage.png]

Google explains that users do not perceive the lack of security icon as a warning. Therefore, they will start to explicitly state that we are not accessing secure portals. Its plan is to start from January next year 2017.

Personally I believe that this is a step in the right direction but some of these certificate companies need to reduce costs.

Either way, we use a certificate from lets encrypt so we're OK! 

Thanks for sharing!
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