Long or short Hair?
I like wearing mine short, because it's easier to wash.

Girls with long hair I find enticing. ;) Though honestly long or short could work.

For guys, well of course short hair but long hair would be great especially if in a band.

I've always had long hair.  I can't stand short hair on myself and I've never liked it (when it comes to my own hair).  I've always been afraid of going to get my hair cut because I don't want it cut too short. 

When it comes to guys, I think they look better with short hair but I realize that's my own opinion.

I'm growing my hair out.  I had it long earlier this year and it was awesome, but I foolishly cut it. :(

I like a 0 cut meaning all off can't stand long hair. Easy to wash as well don't have to mess around with it.

I like my hair fairly short, however longer ontop and shorter back and sides.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

I'm trying to grow my hair out but drying it is such a pain.

It doesn't really matter, to be honest, but I tend to think that guys with long hair tend to look attractive. It gives them an aura of mystery and coolness...

I like short hair personally because it feels less intrusive and overall long hair to me feels weird.

I love women's with long hair.

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