My ex-Algerian Friend!
So I gotta talk to somebody. Omg, I can’t believe anyone can be so unreasonable and mean! I’m going to tell you everything from it’s beginning.
Yeah, this morning, as usual, I went to see my ex-Algerian friend at her kiosk because she runs a stand that sells Middle-Eastern things and I used to help her out sometimes. So today, her father was there and she imposed her dad on me. I told I’m going to read at Indigo, she told her father, an older man who I didn’t even know to come with me at the bookstore.
There, he followed me everywhere. Even as I was browsing my books, he didn’t leave me alone. Afterwards, I left him there and went back as I was passing by her kiosk again. Then, she told me it was my fault for leaving her father all alone, that it wasn’t nice of me to do that. And that what I did to him would happen to me. I mean, wtf is she on?
Anyways, any opinions or thoughts on this?

Sounds like a personal problem. This whole thing sounds sketchy, why would this ex-friend do something?

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