What makes you wanna get things for yourself?
What makes you wanna get things? For me to get it for myself, it's gotta be comfortable, good quality, useful to me and at a fairly reasonable price.

Good price and good reviews
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(09-17-2016, 03:37 PM)katos Wrote: Good price and good reviews

I rarely base what I'm going to get on others' reviews because they're biased and subjective to a person's opinion on the thing.

Just like Katos said, good price and good reviews.... now unless I don't need it.

I guess I would say the same as the above. I tend to look out for the rating and the price of the item. If I'm on sites like eBay I'll keep an eye out for how many individuals have bought an item just to make sure it appears to be of good quality and legitimacy.
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