Your favourite/least favourite Store to shop at?
My favourite store to shop at would have to be The Bay. I go there window-shopping daily. Liking it because there's no salesperson pushing you to get things if you look at their things for too long, and you're pretty much free to look at their stuff for as long as you want without having to get any of them. Least favourite : Ardene, because their things are cheap quality, and easily breakable. got a few things from there, all of them broke within a few days after getting them from that store. Everything's made in China, so of course, cheap quality at a very low price.

To be honest, I have no idea, if we are talking about clothes then probably ASOS, food would be ASDA or Tesco, I don't really have a least favorite either.

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I really don't mind any shop, I'm never fussy. I shop at charity shops as well. Sometimes you find good stuff and it's fora good cause :)

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