Get Better At Programming While Playing Games
Websites like Codecademy makes us think that Coding is the new English! Coding is really useful and everyone who owns a computer should learn how to code. There are lot’s of websites online which teaches the willing people how to code. For example CodinGame.

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CodinGame helps you improve your programming skills with games. Everything happens inside an in-browser IDE, when one codes and tests the new ideas in real-time. One needs to defeat the enemies by entering the right commands in the console. The solo and multiplayer coding games on the website are ‘turn-based’. So, at each turn, the program takes new inputs and must output the action.

Before starting the real action, you need to choose a programming language from a set of languages. You can go ahead with a language that you already know or learn a new language in this fun process. For each exercise, you can pick a programming language among more than 20, such as Python, Ruby, Java, Scala and more.

[Image: codinggame-screen.jpg]

Once you selected your programming language, you just need to tell your program to shoot the closest alien. For that, you need to copy/paste the code in the code editor. You can test your code by playing a test case too which will show your code in action. Beginners might find it little confusing so it’s better off learning the basic first. However, it is the new way to improve your programming skills while having fun and getting noticed.
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Very interesting! Will definitely have to check this out :-)
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