Which SpellChecker do you prefer to use?
Never in my whole entire life used any other spellchecker than the one that's integrated in Microsoft Word. So yeah, can't say which one is my favourite as I've only used the default Microsoft Word one. But yeah, did you use any other spellcheckers than MS Word's and if so, what's your preferred one to use? What's the most efficient one in your opinion?

Grammarly :)
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(09-25-2016, 07:06 AM)katos Wrote: Grammarly :)

Heard of it, but never used it!

Grammarly. It's personally the best spell checker I have ever used before.

I used to use Microsoft Word as well whenever I would write something long. But nowadays I just use Grammarly because of how great it is. It's literally one of the best services I have used for spelling and grammar

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