Google And Facebook Join Forces To Build The Fastest Trans-Pacific Cable Ever
Google and Facebook are teaming up to build a submarine cable that will connect Hong Kong with Los Angeles. The undersea cable will be nearly 8,000 miles long, carrying data from Facebook, Google, and others at 120 terabits per second. The new cable network will be composed of five fiber pairs. Once completed and running at full capacity, the new cable network will be the fastest cable in the trans-Pacific unless another company builds another cable network with a higher bandwidth capacity.

[Image: google-center.png]

Facebook, which along with Google is one of the principal investors in the project and will be one of its heaviest users, noted that the cable could provide even more bandwidth in the future. Because each of the partners can use their own transmission technology, they will be able to upgrade the cable’s capacity as faster options become available. The cable is being called the Pacific Light Cable Network and is expected to be completed and running sometime in 2018.

[Image: google-and-facebook-building-underwater-cable.png]

This is not the first time that tech giants have partnered together to build underwater cables that will help them provide a faster service to their clients. Just recently, Facebook has also teamed up with Microsoft to build a cable network that is half as long with their current partnership with Google and a higher bandwidth at 160 Tbps. Amazon is also starting to have its own submarine cables but they have yet to find a partner for their venture.

Very interesting venture, that proves to be very promising for the industry! I cant wait to see further developments of long-length cables! 

Thanks a lot for sharing @Venvasion
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