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Dream gaming setup?
What would be your dream gaming setup? 
Feel free to post images as reference or be descriptive. 

As I am a console gamer mostly on xbox. I would have to say acquiring the latest model upon release, currently the Xbox One s. Having a curved 4K TV decent sized for excellent quality. A very comfortable gaming chair, the Xbox One Elite controller. As well as a top notch high quality gaming headset and of course owning all the latest games.

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This is difficult to say because of the numbe of different parts for a PC, but I'd go with a top of the line Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card with as much VRAM as possible, 64GB main RAM, a 2 or 3TB SSD drive, a 4k Ultra HD monitor, badass surround speakers with  Sound Blaster sound card, etc. :D
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What @zoldos said, but I want to add a 3D monitor because I'm a fan of 3D movies and games. Also, I'd rather have the latest AMD CPU instead of Intel's.

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