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What was your first job?
In this thread, feel free to share with the community what your first job was, go into as much or little detail as you want. 

My first job was working at a local grocery store in the UK. I managed to obtain this job through an employability course I was taken, which also included radio broadcasting and TV/Film production. The first few weeks were not too bad, I mean it's my first job..I was a bit nervous. As time went on I realized this company, the position and overall job wasn't for me. I then decided to leave and a few weeks later I obtained another job as an Installation specialist.

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delivering sports coaching to children in schools - which, strangely enough, I still do on and off today.
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i was a dishwasher at 13, i knew everybody there and my mom worked there. it was a bowling alley, at 16 i stocked the bars and was a pinchaser, worked behind the machines, and at the front desk

Working in a food coffee shop for six months
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