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What time do you go to sleep/wake up?
Do you like to stay awake all night and sleep all day? or is it the complete opposite? On average what time do you go to sleep and wake up? For myself, I don't have a great sleep pattern. Some days are better than others. However roughly on week days and weekends, I will stay up to at least 1am and wake up the following day just before noon.

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Interesting question. This varies a lot for me.
Usually I tend to sleep around 11pm ish, and awaken at around 6ish for work. However, it fluctuates hugely. Weekends I am still up early due to work and voluntary work, coaching, etc.

I would say my average is 7am wakeup, 11pm sleep.
Though I also often stay up later and end up falling asleep, which I am ashamed to say happens far more often than it should.
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