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Recent Downtime.
Good evening Authoritarians, 

I am writing this regarding the recent downtime Forum Authority had encountered. I would firstly like to start of by apologizing for any and all inconvenience this may have caused. I would like to assure you all that the Forum Authority team work their hardest to ensure the website is fully operational and is running efficiently without interruption. However we do run occasionally into the more complicated and financial side of keeping the forum a float. Currently the forum is being supported from the staff's own pockets, covering the expenses of hosting, plugins, features and more. Our aim is to bring quality features and top notch topics to our members, doing this is not the cheapest at times and we can also run into some unwanted complications along the way. Most of the expenses are paid towards our sever, the one that allows us to stand tall without restrictions. Although we strive to do our best and bring the forum unique and useful content, we simply cannot cover everything unfortunately.  

To hopefully help our slight situation with financial issues. I will be creating a donation pool in the sidebar of the forum, this will be a donation pool to support the money that goes towards the sever for Forum Authority. It is never necessary to donate but is greatly appreciated. If you decide that you would like to help us out, you will have the option to donate any amount of money, no matter how little or high. 

For a more in depth thread on supporting Forum Authority, click Here. 

Keep smiling, keep posting, keep your authority going.

The Forum Authority Team.

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

We'd like to thank our members for sticking with us and supporting us through our struggles. 
Please rest assured that our staff are working extremely hard behind the scenes to bring some exciting new changes to you all!
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