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Hey everyone! My name's Wingstar! I hail from Helix on Cybertron and I'm a Seeker. No - I am NOT a Decepticon. I'm an Autobot to the core. Trust me - just ask any of my fellow Wreckers. I'm new to the forum so I figured I should say hi! I do generator based art mostly (as I stink at drawing anything other than dragons) but I hope to learn more about my fellow artists here. I don't know her name here but on Deviant Art FamousFanta was kind enough to invite me here. I look forward to seeing your art and meeting my fellow artists!

@Wingstar! Howdy haha, I'm famousfanta and far from a female! :D I do hope you like the site! I'm happy you decided to join! and don't feel bad about drawing, I can't even draw a dragon! :)
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

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