Police 1013
Has anyone ever heard of police 1013? It's a new upcoming realistic police simulator.

I haven't. What kind of simulator?

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Police 1013 is an open World Police Simulator set in a fully optimized City and Country landscape known as Metro City. This is a unique environment that leaves nothing to chance in play-ability opportunities.
Both 1st person and 3rd person camera options are available which gives your officer a full range of motion to see everything happening around them. Devices such as the TRACKIR and OCULUS RIFT will eventually be supported which literally puts your head on a full swivel to allow your hands to concentrate on the game play and your head movements to worry about the direction you’re facing.
It’s a simulator like no other ever attempted. When you first step into your patrol vehicle, every button is at your fingertips. If you want your siren to be sounded you virtually look at the button on your cars dashboard and press it with your mouse. There are also hotkeys associated with each button press as well to make it easier during the more stressful moments you play. We wanted players to really FEEL like they were in a vehicle like a flight simulator but on ground.

The crime will be realistic and the police procedure is also realistic.

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New pictures been posted up on there FB page check them out.

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