Acrylic or Watercolor?
What is your favorite style of painting? Do you tend to use acrylic paints or watercolor? or maybe both? Do you find one easier to use than the other? I personally use watercolor as I find it can give more detail and it's a lot easier to handle, you can create lots of fades and shades, whereas acrylic is quite bold and mistakes are not easily undone.
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I don't have a favorite. I have used both acrylic paints and watercolor, and I enjoy both pretty much equally. Acrylic is indeed more challenging to use if you are prone to mistakes, but maybe that's the beauty of it. It challenges you to be as careful as your possibly can and pay attention to the details.

I dont really use either, but I absolutely love the look and "feeling" of watercolour art, especially when it's done well.
Acrylics I like too, but they can sometimes be a bit too harsh for me.
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That depents.

I really love Aquarell water colours for quick colourings. And I use ist a lot.

On the other Hand Acrylic has its own Benefits. For example more control of the clours flow, a much higher covering power. etc.

Watercolour makes a nice background for acrylic one-stroke painting for me. I prefer acrylic because of its thickness, which can be used to add knifed in details with a slight 3d hump on the canvas.

Generally I prefer using acrylic, as I feel it is more precise and easier to control, in addition to generally allowing for bolder colors. However watercolor paintings can look a lot better IMO even if they are not as easy to actually use.

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