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Favorite/Worst internet provider?
Who is your current or favorite/worst internet provider? I have been with several, ranging from BT, Sky and TalkTalk and to be honest Sky is the worst in my opinion, even though TalkTalk are unreliable and have a bad reputation their broadband has been okay, however just okay for me.

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Virgin media  is the best  . I have had no end of friends comming to me saying why isnt talk talk working or sky.   BT to me are just bog standard.

Iv been with virgin and sky and sky has been the worst by far.

Sky kept bugging me in town so i said do a speed test turns out if i went with sky id lose 5% of my net speed.

I hate CIK, loving Bell now. CIK is a Chinese company that bugs and shuts off all the time, so yeah. Lost count of the number of times we lost connection with them.

best? i havent a clue..but the worst ISP of all time has to be comcast (xfinity). in last few months, ive seen over 1500 complaints from people about their billing issues. 1500 is best guesstimate. luckliy i was able to negotiate a lower bill for the next 12 months, but it took 6 months just to reach some sort of acceptable agreement. i dont trust comcast 100%..

epsilon is it the only one in your area or can u switch?

I'm using Cox and I can't say that I have any issues with them. 

I can't say which provider I dislike the most since I've always used Cox and I don't dislike them.

My favorite is Jio, owned by one of the top 10 richest person in the world.  Jio  service was launched last year and till now we are getting free 4G unlimited internet. Free internet for a year, that's awesome

I'm with Sky as well at the moment and they are horrible. We had BT before and I really want to go back to them. Our first internet provider was Talk Talk (back when they were actually Tiscali) and they were quite bad as well but not as bad as Sky

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