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System/Console: PC
Steam ID: sexytimo (IGN is Senpai)
Games You Play: Cities Skylines, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends (IGN Black n High, EUW), Runescape (IGN FRANK O CEAN, OSRS)
Mic/No Mic: Mic

Also got a PS3 but don't use it for gaming anymore.

System/Console: PC/PS4
ID: PS4: DezTech_Zinc
Games You Play: 2k17, COD, GTA...
Mic/No Mic: Mic
[Image: Untitled_1.png]

System/Console: Xbox
GT: Hinderings
Games You Play: COD, GTA, 2K
Mic/No Mic: Yes

System/Console: PC
ID: id/meprofile
Games You Play: Garry's Mod & Dirty Bomb
Mic/No Mic: Mic
[Image: 51d1a1c201c30933fb8da1346aab6ef5.gif]

System/Console: xbox one, xbox 360, pc
ID: xbox one: Pugs Are Kawaii. xbox360: yuh Panda. PC: PuggyTheMemeLord (steam)
Games You Play: GTA(xbox) CSGO(PC) mw2, mw3(xbox 360)
Mic/No Mic: 50/50

System/Console: PS4 and Steam
PSN ID: nixagamer
Steam Profile:
Games You Play: CSGO, GTA V, BO3, etc
Mic/No Mic: Yes, I have a mic! :)

System/Console: PS3
ID: Intro_Drews
Games You Play: COD
Mic/No Mic: No mic

System/Console: PC
ID: KingdomScythe / Dead.Duality / SilentiumRex / Rex Mortuus Est
Games You Play: Garry's Mod, MC, H1Z1, Runescape
Mic/No Mic: Yeah, I've got a mic.
[Image: fyuAgEq.jpg]

System/Console: PC
ID: Masked
Games You Play: cs:go, gta 5, day z standalone, unturned(these are the most played games from me e.e)
Mic/No Mic: Mic

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