Worst thing?
What was the worst thing you have done when you were a kid? 

Could be funny or mean or both at the same time.

Well when I was a kid probably 8 years old at the time I was hanging out with the wrong people. We broke into buildings and were throwing rocks off bridges at people's cars which resulted in some busted windshields.

But I straightened up luckily because doing shit like that at such a young age would usually result in even worse things now as an adult.

Well me and my friends used to jump on top of cars and troll the shit out of people in stores and telling random people to go fuck themselves.

It was a fun time lol.

I don't know, I pushed my cousin of my trampoline and it broke her leg.

Bitch deserved it.

Kid snitched on me so I fucking stole his mom credit card went on a shopping spree of $3k

How do you guys remember this stuff? My oldest memory is probably when I was like, 10+. I can't remember ANYTHING...
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I know when I was younger, I forget how old, but I used to hang with people older than me and they weren't great people either. (Now I think about it I don't know why they were hanging out with kids) however, we used to set small fires and throw stones and just act like a bunch of idiots.
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We used to make mud pies and throw them against my dad's car.
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worst thing was i born  :P

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