Photoshop vs GIMP
Which one's better and why? Which one do you use?

I think GIMP is good for beginners and Photoshop is more advanced and better in my opinion. So Adobe Photoshop get's my vote. GIMP still lacks the class of Photoshop.

though i havent used gimp in a while and despite its large file size, its almost as good as PS. especially if one lacks the funds to buy PS. i aggree GIMP isnt as superior as PS...but at least its free. free is good. but most cases, free doesnt have enough cool features

I love Photoshop, I have been using it for quite a few years now.
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Photoshop, without a doubt.
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The thing here is that GimP was created to replace Photoshop for those who lacked funding, a free-version. However, as Adobe has more money, they have more firepower as well, which can be seen when comparing these two programs. Photoshop has more to offer in the sense of features, though that also costs money. Personally I would say that Photoshop is the best of the two though.

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I would say gimp for beginners, but photoshop for the little more advanced.
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I Use Photoshop. There is more options and make allot more. And yes You can get an free copy
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I don't like either.

I love photoshop, it is better for graphic designing. I even brought the original software from them
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