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President Pick
Who is your choice for president? 

lets not turn this into a debate on which one is better or hate on others choices.

Personally I was supporting Hillary but am now undecided.

neither. I honestly hope Hillary gets president, resigns, then someone better gets president.

(10-04-2016, 10:45 PM)Cyber Wrote: neither. I honestly hope Hilary gets president, resigns, then someone better gets president.

I agree but if I had to choose then I'd pick Hillary
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I'd choose none of them.

Bernie in my eyes was the best. But I'm british so It doesn't affect me that much.

I'm all for President Trump, Unfortuntely, I'm British and so can't vote.

Neither, like some others have said.

Personally (opinion), I think Trump knows what he's talking about but the way he handles things are incorrect. Sure, illegal citizens are fucking a lot of things up. Building a wall, though? What the fuck's that going to do?

I don't like either overall though.
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Make america great again!

Make america great again!

(10-06-2016, 03:02 AM)hawk Wrote: Make america great again!

Meh, highly doubt either of them can do that.
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