hi there

I come from HF, my real name is Craig but on forums I tend to go by the name of "Daddy".
I have passion for vbulletin general forums and currently own a not-for-profit hosting website.

Welcome to NF hope to see you being active around this forum, and let your friends know about us.

Welcome to NF, please take time to read the rules before asking any questions.

Welcome to NF! I like hosting sites maybe we can talk :D

What's your username on HF? Also, welcome this forum is maintained by @Prepper and I. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.

Thanks for the welcome guys.
My HF username is Trentshire, Hardly use the forums as I prefer general forums. @Cyber.

Welcome to NightForums! Be sure to follow the rules and hmu if you need anything.

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