Hardest game to beat?
I had a lot of issues with Devil May Cry 3 for some reason. I consider that to be the hardest game I played, but I heard Dark Souls is beyond hard, it's hardcore lol. What's your brain crushing game that you couldn't beat easily?

The impossible game:


Mario. Hands down. I fucking blow at that game.

^ Definitely Mario.

I was playing Mario games on my Super Nintendo but I eventually gave up after dying 60 million times. I love the games and I like a challenge but GOSH, it's waaaay too hard. xD

I didn't think Mario was very hard to beat too be honest.
The Impossible Game is definitely up there, it really is damn near impossible.
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I'm having a hard time with Bloodborne lol. Never played a Dark Souls game and that shit is hard

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