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What's your security config?
I mostly run chrome with too many extensions, however, lately I'm getting into Firefox with adguard adblock, Https everywhere, NoScript, and grammarly.

Desktop Programs include Spyware Blaster, Microsoft Essentials, Malware bytes, Driver Booster and a few others.

I just use chrome with adblock.


AdBlock, that's probably it.

I disable Windows Defender.

Honestly, none. I use nothing! Adblock is all.
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Chrome with adblocker and malwarebytes

No need for all that ;)

I use adblock on Chrome and Malware Bytes.
[Image: 51d1a1c201c30933fb8da1346aab6ef5.gif]

I should definitely download Malware Bytes from what I'm seeing, haha.
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Windows Defender, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Glary Utilities, SmartScreen, Windows Firewall

I'm using most built-in tools/programs so I can avoid errors at the most and not worry about BSOD's.

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